You find that your are stood in the centre of a plaza -- a cracked and weed-ridden plaza that has obviously long since fell in to disuse.  Around you are several building, all in a similar state of disrepair.  Whatever caused this small town to be abandoned occurred must have happened a long time ago.  Several of the buildings around you sport trees coming out of their walls; gradually cracking and turning aside bricks and metal alike.

In front of you is a rusted corrugated-metal building that looks like it might have been a mill at one time.  To your right is what you guess to be an abandoned place of worship: a tree had crumbled the front facade and opened it wide up.  But the religious house is like none that you've seen before: there are no signs of Christianity, Hinduism or any other Earth-based religion that you are familiar with.  An icon of an open book with several interlocked circles appears on the cracked wall.  To your left are various residential houses, again: all in an advanced state of disrepair through floral overgrowth.  Behind you, a row of glass-fronted buildings stands, some with their glass cracked open and flowering plants coming through them.  Perhaps they were once convenience stores?

And in the centre of the plaza is a teleporter pad.  It is an exact replica of the one that was constructed in the quantum-relativity fabrication laboratory back in your own world and time.

Head towards the mill-like building.
Go to the religious-looking building.
Explore the residential buildings.
Move to the shops.
Investigate the teleporter pad that you are stood on.

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