Current Status

Astulae was last updated on 25/April/2011.

The latest post is 1000000010, concerning a rocky island.

Below is a rough indicator on what progress has been made on various Astulae.

The Islands: 2%
The Labyrinth: 5%
The Overgrown Town: 0%
The Satellite: 1%

There are many dead links at present.  I would advise bookmarking, or jotting down the URL of the page that you were last on to "save" your position in this story-game-blog.  If you are particularly keen to see me write what happens next after a particular dead link, then why not email me (warpstoneflux AT gmail ((dot)) com) to tell me how great this site is and encourage me to do so!  Suggestions on what happens next are also well received, so long as they don't contradict the main story arc I have in mind.