About Astulae

Astulae (Splinters) is a story-game-blog in the style of the once popular "Choose your own Adventure" books.  Rather than being a linear tale, the reader is free to click a variety of different choices, each of which leads to new situations and more choices to be made.  

Unlike similar concepts such as the "Fighting Fantasy" series, the reader does not have any attributes such as strength and so forth -- the only thing that is needed is a logical head and a sense of adventure.  In that respect, Astulae is similar to the "Myst" computer game, but without graphical interfaces.

The adventure starts here, with a teleportation accident.  A more extended background to the story can be read here.

The name of the blog is latin for "Splinters".  The reason for this name may become obvious during play, but it broadly refers to the "splinter worlds" that the adventurer will explore.

To get in contact with the creator about any bugs (or to pay some compliments!), please email warpstoneflux at gmail (dot) com.