Story Background

You were once an intelligent, young wannabe scientist working for some of the top brains in the country.  You were heralded for your numerate abilities as an undergraduate and actively head-hunted for Ph.D. places.  But that all changed recently.  

You managed to obtain a research assistant contract in the department of experimental physics at your local university to gain valuable experience before starting your Ph.D..  The pay was not so great, but the experience was amazing.  You were working in a state-of-the-art quantum-relativity fabrication laboratory, helping to create a cutting-edge teleporter capable of transmitting not just massless particles such as photons, but massive particles like as protons and whole atomic nuclei.  

The results were wildly successful - completely beyond expectation.  Soon, the research group's attention turned to larger and larger targets.  Molecules at first, but then simple acids, followed rapidly by proteins a few months later.  All of them were teleported from one teleporter pad to another with apparent ease, albeit with increasing power consumption requirements.  

And then came the suggestion.  It was a quite natural progression really, considering the obvious profit that should flow from it: could the teleporter pad also transmit humans across the room to another pad?

Convinced that the teleporter worked, you hardly hesitated to volunteer.  In hind-sight, ethical approval should have been sought.  An experiment on a lab mouse should have been done first.  Something went seriously wrong...

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