The metallic tang from the teleporter sticks to your palate like a poorly chewed piece of food.  As the taste fades from your senses, the first thing you notice is the stale air: much like an old bookshop whose tomes have been gathering dust and detritus for too long.

Beneath your feet is an exact replica of the teleporter pad that you helped create back in the fabrication laboratory.  This pad, however, lacks an obvious power source.

It is only then that you look up and around yourself.  The room you are standing is walled with metal panels.  Light pours in from several window panes.  Outside is a sore sight to behold: a blue planet slowly turns in the window pane.  You have been transported to some kind of orbital space station.

There are two doors -- domed pressure doors to be more accurate, each with a large wheel on them -- one opposite to the window panels and one adjacent to them.

You are unsure of where you are and why you are here.  What will you do next?

Look out of the window panes at the planet.
Pass through the door opposite to the window panes.
Examine the teleporter pad in more detail.

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