You are in a valley of rocky desert.  The air is arid and dust is in the air leaving a gritty taste in your mouth.  Located here is an identical replica of the teleportation pad that resided in the fabrication laboratory.  It seems curiously out of place here in the middle of the desert.

Raising your eyes toward the horizon, you can see that the desert extends deeper in to the far distance ahead of you.  The wind seems to blow the dust up with more vigour in that direction.  Behind you, you can see a mountain range rise upward.  To your right hand side, there is a large (football field sized) impact crater in the ground.  To your left you see an even more odd sight: a plume of smoke rises on the horizon.

You are unsure of where you are.  What will you do next?

Inspect the teleporter pad that you are standing on.
Head toward the mountain range.
Go to the crater.
Start moving toward the plume of smoke on the horizon.

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